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Our Neighbourhoods First

Why do we rely on unknown international vendors so easily for our purchases when our neighbourhood shops and craftspeople often offer superior and more unique products?

By purchasing items close to home, we reduce our carbon footprint, we help the planet and we limit traffic caused by delivery vehicles (not to mention that we get our stuff much faster). Most importantly, we invest in our communities!

It just takes somebody to make local shopping more convenient!

That’s why we’ve based Cercle Local on these principles:

Find and buy the things you’re looking for close to your home, from the best independent stores and workshops.

Pick-up your purchases at your own convenience.

Have our purchases delivered by bike courier within 48 hours at a low price.

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About us

Cercle local is a child of the pandemic, brought into the world by David Habak, Rodrigo Trespalacios and several collaborators, in order to support independent companies in their fight against generic giants like Amazon. We care about healthy, happy and sustainable communities, streets that belong to children, a planet that breathes clean air, the arts and human emergence.